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Redefining the Standard of Excellence

Our leadership team at Dempsey International Packaging is uniquely equipped to serve you with unparalleled excellence. With our extensive experience in the packaging industry and passion for serving people, we have designed Dempsey International Packaging to stand apart as a leader in the care and development of our customers, employees, and stakeholders. Join us in redefining the standard of excellence in the marketplace.

Our Core Values

Dempsey International Packaging is founded on the premise that everyone can make a difference. We believe that people rise to their potential in an environment that values openness, opportunity, transparency, diversity and a sense of belonging. Our leadership position declares the recognition that our relationships with customers, vendors, and employees must be mutually beneficial at all time. Our core values define not who we are but more importantly what we are:

We strive to make ourselves, our customers, and our vendors the best we can be.

At Dempsey International Packaging, people come first: our customers, manufacturers, and team members. We use our creativity, talent, skill, and knowledge to promote people, providing the best possible product and experience to everyone involved.